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panda thief elitist

...and still the queen of gumdrops

5/29/12 07:29 pm

Hello Livejournal. 

9/28/05 08:27 am

there's no sense in all that, deleting and whatnot. what do you say?

5/10/05 12:24 pm - if you haven't alraedy seen this

dog adopts baby  

5/9/05 12:04 pm - Politics in Preschool

I just opened Wesley's "Preschool Memories" book and there were sections and pictures on every event that they had this year.  Including the election events.  At the bottom of the page they put "BUSH WON!!" in really big lettters like they were assuming the parents of everyone in the class thought it was a good thing.  This made me think back to when my little cousins came home during debates and told their parents that at school they were telling the kids that John Kerry kills little babies so tell your parents not to vote for him. (abortion issues, we understand that, but to say it to children like that?!  i think i'd have my child out of that school and moved across the country immediately.) I think preschoolers are, first off, too young to even try and explain politics to and secondly that it is wrong to express opinions on such matters in that environment? It's like religion in school...everyone has decided to keep their opinions to themselves for the most part, some of them reluctantly, but still. I'm outraged and I think I'm going to write up an article to send to the local paper's "Opinions" column. I know I'm not the only person that voted for Kerry in this area...there were plenty of signs out on election day. *grumbles*

4/20/04 09:51 am

If you take someone's thoughts and feelings away, bit by bit, consistently, then they have nothing left, except some gritty, gnawing, shitty little instinct, down there, somewhere, worming around in the gut but so far down, so hidden, it's impossible to find. Imagine, if you will, a worldwide conspiracy to deny the existence of the colour yellow. And whenever you saw yellow, they told you, no, that isn't yellow, what the fuck's yellow? Eventually, whenever you saw yellow, you would say:that isn't yellow, course it isn't, blue or green or purple, or... You'd say it, yes it is, it's yellow, and become increasingly hysterical, and then go quite berserk.

David Edgar
Mary Barnes
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